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              NFPA Standards Council 2019

              NFPA Standards Council

              Front Row: Suzanne Gallagher (NFPA staff), Kerry M. Bell, Patricia A. Gleason, Dawn Michele Bellis (NFPA staff)
              Second Row: Kenneth W. Richards, Jr., Gary S. Keith, Kenneth E. Bush, Linda J. Fuller (NFPA staff), Jeffrey J. Foisel, James R. Quiter, Michael J. Johnston, Jack Poole
              Third Row: James E. Golinveaux, Rodger Reiswig, Chad E. Beebe, Daniel J. O'Connor

              The NFPA Standards Council, appointed by the NFPA Board of Directors, is comprised of 13 members.  The responsibilities of the Council include overseeing NFPA standards development activities, ensuring compliance with the NFPA Regulations and Rules, appointing members to NFPA Technical and Correlating Committees, and serving as the appeals body over matters related to standards development. The Council conducts meetings three times annually, as well as serving as Presiding Officers for the yearly NFPA Technical Meeting.

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