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              Transform your Company


              Today's electrical industry is changing faster than ever. It is a fast-paced, always evolving environment that demands you stay at the forefront of knowledge. NFPA is here to help you, with self-guided, interactive, scenario-based online training that fits your schedule, plus products, tools, and credentials to keep you doing your job, and doing it well.

              Be The One Everyone Can Turn To

              To truly excel in your work, you need to stay current and always compliant. Going beyond the job site to learn about the latest techniques and technology. NFPA? training is purpose-built to bring you that opportunity in new and ever-better ways. Our online courses, interactive scenario-based training, gamified virtual simulations, and more are based on the same information we use to develop codes and standards, giving you a unique depth of understanding.

              Explore All NFPA Training Options
              Online Training

              This engaging learning series is updated to account for recent significant changes to NFPA 70E, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace, 2021 edition. The all-digital program includes six individual modules introducing vital safety-related practices and procedures that employees, supervisors, and owners can put into action to help safeguard work areas from electrical risks.

              Online Training

              Based on NFPA 70E?, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace?, the NFPA? Safe Electrical Work Practices Online Training program was built with the working electrician in mind. Interactive, scenario-based exercises place participants in realistic, controlled environments where they can test their knowledge and skill set by accomplishing tasks faced on the job every day.

              Online Training

              From general requirements to grounding and bonding, the updated National Electric Code Online Training Series introduces the 2020 edition of the NEC. Become an NEC ExpertTM today.

              Join live courses via our virtual classroom platform with NFPA expert instructors

              Now you can get the same high-quality learning and expert instruction you’ve come to expect from NFPA® in-person classroom training from home. Learn more about NFPA Live Virtual Training, and discover which courses are right for you.

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              Be a Certified Game-Changer

              NFPA® electrical certifications leave no question as to your skill, knowledge, and value to both projects and employers. In an environment where you are increasingly required to show evidence of your competency, this affirmation of ability can help you to stand out in a crowded job market among strong competition.

              NFPA offers a family of certifications in support of our electrical standards across a wide variety of areas including Electrical Safety Compliance, Fire Alarm Systems, Emergency Power Systems, and more. Whatever your area of specialty, NFPA certifications can help you prove your knowledge, proficiency, and professionalism.

              Explore All NFPA Certifications
              Certified Electrical Safety Compliance Professional (CESCP)
              Certified Electrical Safety Worker (CESW)
              Certified Electrical Safety Technician (CEST)
              ALL NEW

              The 2020 NEC

              NFPA 70®, National Electrical Code® (NEC®), sets the foundation for electrical safety. The revised 2020 edition of this trusted code reflects the dynamic nature of the industry, incorporating more than 3,700 public inputs and 1,900 comments, resulting in hundreds of updates and four all-new articles related to emerging issues like emergency disconnects, ground-fault circuit interrupter protection, surge protection, power over Ethernet, and more.

              See the Enforcement and Usage Map
              Digital Access Available!
              NEW! 2020 NFPA 70®
              National Electrical Code®
              2017 NFPA 70®
              National Electrical Code®

              Try NFPA LiNK? Today

              Your new digital information delivery platform is here. Access the NFPA knowledge you need more efficiently for more confident and competitive work. Explore subscription options to fit individuals, teams, and enterprise solutions, Not sure yet? Sign up for our limited-time free trial today and begin exploring all NFPA LiNK™ has to offer.

              *Please reference the New and Upcoming Content section for a full list of available codes in NFPA LiNK™. 

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              Featured Electrical Products From NFPA

              NEW! 2020 NFPA 70®
              National Electrical Code® Handbook (NEC®)
              2021 NFPA 70E®
              Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace®
              2018 NFPA 70E®
              Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace®
              2018 NFPA 70E®
              Handbook for Electrical Safety in the Workplace®
              NEW! 2020 NFPA 78®
              Guide on Electrical Inspections
              NEW! 2020 NFPA 1078
              Standard for Electrical Inspector Professional Qualifications
              Ugly's™ Residential Wiring (2020)
              Based on the 2020 NEC®.
              2020 NEC® Self-Adhesive
              Index Tabs
              2020 NEC® Analysis of Changes
              2020 NEC® Pocket Guide to Residential Electrical Installations

              NFPA Electrical Resources


              The Latest in Electrical

              Every day there is more to learn. Keep up to date on the latest happenings, resources, information, and breakthroughs in the electrical industry on our Electrical News and Research page.

              NFPA XChange?

              Have a Question? You are not alone.

              Fire and life safety professionals around the globe wrestle with similiar issues, have similar questions, and best of all, come up with effective answers using NFPA Xchange™. It's your portal to connect with your peers to explore content, ask or answer questions, and share in the immense knowledge and expertise of the NFPA community.

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              A World of Codes at Your Fingertips

              Stay informed on the codes in effect where you are working with CodeFinder™. This free web-based, interactive tool works on all of your devices and provides current codes in effect for countries around the globe.

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