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              CODES & STANDARDS
              The Beat Goes On
              Can a beefed up NFPA 241 help stem the tide of fires in buildings under construction or renovation? Read article.


              Subway Blaze
              A substation fire gnarls commutes for subway riders in North America's largest city. Read article.


              THE NFPA PODCAST

              The Mysteries of Electrical Injuries
              Across the world, dozens of people each day suffer injuries from electrical hazards such as shocks and arc flashes. Survivors of these incidents list a range of devastating symptoms, from burns and chronic pain, to insomnia, muscle spasms, depression, and various other mental health issues. Today on the podcast, we speak with three renowned doctors from the Chicago Electrical Trauma Rehabilitation Institute about what a powerful shock can do to the human body, the treatments available, and how our understanding of these injuries is evolving. 

              You can also browse all of NFPA's podcasts.     


              Learn Something New
              This episode of Learn Something New examines the facts of home wildfire ignition and some of the things homeowners can do right now to protect their properties. 

              Greetings, 2021

              Jim Pauley, NFPA president, on the promise and challenge of a new year.


              Recent headscratchers from the world of fire and life safety.

              Home Fires
              Key findings from NFPA's home structure fire report.

              CODES & STANDARDS
              New Protection
              Important sprinkler changes for high-rise apartments in the 2021 Life Safety Code.

              FIRE NEWS
              Daily Dispatches
              News for America's Fire Service, compiled by the
              Western Fire Chiefs Association



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              Cybersecurity, ESFR sprinklers, code development during COVID, a bold new wildfire initiative, and much more: It’s all in the Spring 2021 issue of NFPA Journal.

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