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              For emergency responders

              responders 800x200

              NFPA is committed to serving the needs of emergency responders - through our standards-development process, our public education and advocacy efforts, health and wellness resources, data and research, and important job tools and training opportunities.

              • Health and wellness Resources include important safety fact sheets, bulletins and information on firefighters and cancer.
              • Data and research NFPA produces dozens of reports every year, investigate new technologies, and document the performance of fire- and building-related products.
              • High risk hazards Information for emergency responders on homeland security, civil unrest, active shooter incidents and emerging hazardous technologies.
              • Job tools and resources Tools and resources including information on training available for emergency responders, mobile apps, our Responder Forum and ISO ratings.
              • Outreach and advocacy Information on public education resources, Fire Prevention Week, our Fire Sprinkler Initiative and Firewise USA program.
              • How to get involved Emergency responders can get involved with NFPA in a variety of ways, including membership, technical committee participation and more.