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              Research Foundation banner

              As the research affiliate of NFPA, the Fire Protection Research Foundation is an independent nonprofit whose mission is to plan, manage and communicate research in support of the association. 

              The Research Foundation was established in 1982 in response to a growing need for research that better informed NFPA’s expanding body of codes and standards. To ensure the research remained independent, the Foundation was formed as a separate 501(c) (3) organization.  

              Since then, the Foundation has facilitated major research programs (both domestic and international in scope) that address industry challenges in multiple areas, including detection and signaling, hazardous materials, electrical safety, fire suppression, storage of commodities, and firefighter protective clothing and equipment, among other issues.

              Each project is guided by a technical panel that provides its expertise and with input from sponsors, the research community, the fire service, NFPA technical committees and other stakeholders. Findings from the Foundation’s critically applied research have been used by NFPA’s technical committee members and others to support the association’s fire and life safety codes and standards.

              The Foundation is currently focusing significant effort on two emerging concepts in fire protection that will significantly impact NFPA codes and standards over the next five years: smart firefighting and resiliency.


              * You can also download the infographic in Spanish(PNG)
              Request for proposals

              The Foundation periodically issues requests for proposals for the conduct of research. To automatically receive notification of these requests, please e-mail Eric Peterson.

              Have a research project idea? 

              If you have a research project idea for the Research Foundation to consider, please submit the project request through our online project idea submission portal.

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