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              NFPA's Alternative Fuel Vehicles Safety Training

              Training, tools, and information for emergency responders to safely handle emergencies involving alternative fuel vehicles

              Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFV) Safety Training Program

              NFPA’s Alternative Fuel Vehicles Safety Training Program offers customized training for the Fire Service, EMS, Fire Investigation, Crash Reconstruction, and Tow & Salvage communities

              The program offers first and second responders training and information to prepare them for the growing number of electric, hybrid, fuel cell, and gaseous fuel vehicles on our nation’s roadways. Now more than ever, this training is becoming an essential piece of a responder’s day to day activities, as the number of alternative fuel vehicles (AFV) on U.S. roadways exceeds 13 million. This program offers U.S. responders online training, videos, animations, simulations, data review questions, scenario rooms, 3D interactive environments, quick reference materials, and research. NFPA also offers comprehensive full-day classroom instruction.  



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